Radio DJ USA

DJ Host, Program Director & Founder

Alentown, PA

Bethlehem PA

Guest DJ

Radio FG USA

DJ Host & Music Contributor

New York, NY

Jimbos Bar
Seaside Heights NJ

Guest DJ

Pro Bar, Resorts Casino 

Altantic City NJ

Guest DJ

Stratus Nightclub

Allentown PA

Resident DJ 

Marz Bar

Phillipsburg NJ

Guest DJ

Rivals Bar

Easton PA

Guest DJ

40 Below Nightclub

Bethlehem PA

Resident DJ

Centerfolds Gentlemen's Club

Neptune City NJ

Resident NJ

Afterdarks Gentlemen's Club

Laurence Harbor NJ

Resident NJ   


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About DJ Danny Tapia

Tap'in the House

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Also known as "Tap" , some say it to shorten Tapia, others say it because I'm always Tap 'in it , either new beats, my DJ gear, or what ever crosses your dirty mind. I've been DJ'ing in the Tri-state area for quit sometime. From local bars, lounges and nightclubs which has included some notable spots such as "ProBar" at the Resorts Casino in AC and the World Famous "Jimbos Bar" in Seaside Heights,NJ which featured the "Jersey Shore" cast, I've been know to rock the house. 

In 2012, I signed with Radio FG, USA division Radio Fg USA as DJ, new music contributor and assistant to Music Director for one of the leading EDM Radio stations in Europe .

In 2013, I decided to venture into my own brand and company and started Radio DJ Today, Radio DJ USA is being heard around the globe to over 80 countries on mobile devices and PC's. The first DJ on the East Coast to stream "live" from the DJ booth to PC's and mobile devices as a form to promote venues. I can't say in the USA, but can't find a DJ that has done it or doing it.

Alway's Tap'in it.